We empower our hardwares with our softwares ...

Embedded applications

- Embedded SW design for microprocessor, microcontroller and DSP
- Design and application of scheduler and simulators for instrument process
- Embedded real-time systems

Windows/Linux/IOS based applications

- Instrument drivers
- GUI (Graphical user interfaces)
- Image and signal processing
- Manufacturing line automation software
- Web-based applications

Hardware Test Bench

- Design and Manufacturing of hardware test benches
- Functionality check of mass produced hardwares
- Hardware reliablity testings

Process Control and Reliabilty check

-Process Control of industrial productions
- Reliability check and Condition monitoring of productions
- Software developements for Critical and high risk environments

Ultimate Reliability Provided

The very last part of making a product has the most crucial role, that's why here in ALTALAB we go up to the very end to make sure nothing goes out of control. Depending on our customers' demands we provide them with different types of Test benches for testing their mass-produced products right after production to reach 100% of correctness and reliability when they reach to the end users.

Empowering Hardware with Software

Alan Kay one of the pioneers of the object-oriented programming once said: "People who are really serious about software should make their own hardware", which is exactly what is our ultimate intention in ALTALAB to empower and facilitate our hardware with the best software and vice versa. We simply develop all the necessary and required features in our software to meet all the needs of our customers. We have been dealing for years with Image suites, Image processing and analysis software for our customers from the medical industry. we always try to utilize the most updated and advanced methods for software developments to be able to catch up with fastly and vastly growing markets in this section.

All Under Control...

Every single product needs to be tested and verified before reaching the hands of the end users, normally the testing phase is one of the most sensitive and crucial steps before shipping a product. The producers not only have to check all the functionalities of their products but also they must make sure that the testings don't damage the product as well. Here in ALTALAB alongside with all of our test benches provided for testing products with non-destructive methods, we offer software which enables the producer to test all the features of their product in a very short time with maximum reliability using platforms like LABVIEW and other trusted ones right after production.

ALTALAB has been constantly developing various kinds of software from Medical devices to image processing and embedded application developments. We guarantee reliable and accurate software which our costumers can base their future plans on...

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