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Plant Automation and Production Control

For years we were dealing with automatization of production plants by providing our costumers all the means of control and testings for their final product manufacturing. The scope of our projects expands to various industries from medical to chemical and electronics. We are focused to maximize the product reliability and time efficiency by developing robust and repeatable mechanisms to make sure our customers can benefit from them for a long period of time. In all the steps we use the most updated and advanced available tools to make sure our customer will be pioneering in the market afterward.

Robot Control

We simply love robots! they are cool creatures helping us to do things which once they were absolute dreams. Here in ALTALAB we are dealing with two main categories of robots:

1- Industrial robots like Universal Robots for automation porpuses like path optimization, pick and place, path repeatability, human-robot interaction and additive and subtractive manufacturing using robotic arms

2- Service and mobile robots used for mapping, surveillance, vigilance, and home automation porpuses.

In both sections, we are dealing with various customers coming from different fields. Using our experiences in other fields mainly computer science, electronic and mechanical engineering we focus to propose comprehensive solutions which satisfy our customers completely.

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

In sensitive industries which the products cannot be tested with conventional methods we propose Non-Destructive testing methods and tools for various industries like Oil industries for pipe checkings, Electronics for component and printed circuit board testings and also for sensitive medical devices. To this end, we use different technologies like compact X-ray machines as well as ultra-sound tools and so on, depending on the application and types of products. We provide our customer upon their request with both hardware and software to facilitate their testings with the highest possible quality.

ALTALAB was a reliable partner for several medical companies all around the world, we developed the most advanced technologies in the field helping our costumers to have the best products with a very competitive price ...

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