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X Ray Technology

Design of X Ray generators for medical and industrial applications
- X Ray generators prototyping
- X Ray generators test and certification
- Selection and validation of final generator's manufacturer
- Design transfer to final manufacturer

ALTALAB has been involved in numerous number of projects dealing with x-ray technologies for medical and industrial puposes as well as their usage in NDT (Non Destructive Testing) for various sensetive industries for testing the products quality and possible malfunctioning reasons.

Medical Imaging and Diagnostics

- Medical Image processing
- Automatic Disease detections
- Medical Image enhancements

Here in ALTALAB, we are developing the whole package for medical and dental products from the Hardware design to firmware and graphical user interfaces. We are providing special Image Suite software for our customers for medical image enhancements, analysis, and detections. We are experienced from the ideas till the final product in hands of doctors and technicians.

ALTALAB was a reliable partner for several medical companies all around the world, we developed the most advanced technologies in the field helping our costumers to have the best products with a very competitive price ...

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