April 12, 2019
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Sensorless Permanent Magnet Brushed DC Motor Torque Controller

– 48V with maximum 60A of output
– Extremely easy to use
– Four Quadrant Regenerative Operation
– Sensor-less PMDC torque control
– Open Loop speed control
– Automatic Electrical Identifier of Motor Parameters
– Automatic Torque Loop Tuner
– Analog and PWM speed input
– Direction Input
– Configurable Current Limits
– Reverse Polarity Protection
– Over Current Protection
– Output Short Circuit Protection
– Tunable Acceleration/ Deceleration
– 32-bit Processing Unit


Product Description:

CHERRY_HPT Motor Driver is one of the members of CHERRY family of Permanent Magnet DC(PMDC) motor drivers. CHERRY_HPT Enjoys smart Sensor-less Torque control of PMDC motors up to the power range of 1300W, it also enables the users to control the speed of DC motors in an open-loop manner.

The CHERRY_HPT is suitable for keeping the torque constant under variation of the load in systems without the need for any external sensors. For maximum ease of use, this product automatically identifies the connected DC motor and it can control the torque on the motor in a Closed-loop fashion for applications that torque control is required, CHERRY_HPT  does the whole process of Identification and tuning automatically and the users can just plug their motors and run them with almost no settings required.

CHERRY_HPT Datasheet

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