Our Services

ALTA Lab provides to its customers integrated services along the whole product development cycle, from the ideation of the new equipment to the design of efficient manufacturing process:
Product design, development, prototyping in accordance with the customer’s product strategic planning;
Product full certification against the relevant international standards, in particular for medical devices in the European market (CE) and North American market (FDA, UL and CSA);
Manufacturing process design, implementation and validation, in accordance with the lean production principles.

Product Innovation

ALTA Lab's teams of industry designers, engineers and applied scientists work with you to:
  • define product requirements
  • create workable product concepts
  • integrate product design and rapid prototypes
  • evaluate form, fit and function
  • deliver a complete engineering design pack
  • transfer the product to manufacturing

The result: A new product design that delivers the right balance of quality, speed, cost and innovation. Ready for production and ready for market.

Process Improvement

ALTA Lab works with your organisation to:

  • evaluate strategic manufacturing alternatives
  • develop manufacturing scale-up plans
  • design and validate manufacturing processes
  • improve existing manufacturing processes
  • develop special purpose production systems
  • provide feedback to product design teams

The result: An integrated product/manufacturing system that meets your market, regulatory, quality, volume and cost requirements.