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Security and Fraud prevention

ALTA Lab is the distributor in Italy of Nemesysco's software systems for investigation and fraud prevention, based on Automated Voice Analysis.

INVESTIGATION - The LVA 6.50 is the investigator’s best friend. Using its 3 analysis modes of operation, it provides the professional user easy access to truth verification in real time or from recorded data, during face to face and over the phone, during a free or structured investigation session.

The LVA 6.50 software system has three different investigation focus tools:
  • Online Mode - real-time analysis of open conversations/investigations.
    Using the Online Mode, you can conduct investigations (face to face or over the phone) where analysis is required in real-time. This allows you to focus on suspected portions and areas of interest in the subject’s narrative and deepen your investigation where needed.
  • Offline Mode - in-depth analysis of pre-recorded material
    The Offline Mode is used to analyze pre-recorded material from a variety of sources and produce in-depth emotional, risk and veracity assessments, as well as deep psychological profile analyses.
  • Investigation Mode - a pin-point closed-ended questionnaire analysis.
    The Investigation Mode is designed to be similar to the traditional polygraph system, and provides automated computerized summaries and reports using the familiar questioning techniques commonly used by polygraph experts.

FRAUD PREVENTION - Stop fraud. Assist your genuine customers faster at their time of need. 
The RA5 Fraud Prevention solution is designed to provide an answer to the ever growing epidemic of insurance and financial fraud by providing rapid risk assessment on incoming claims.

RA5 is a combination of various software solutions designed both for the call center level as well as for your SIU (Special Investigation Units), coupled with advanced investigation management protocols, as well as other tools and techniques.