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Careers at ALTA Lab

At ALTA Lab, we hire the best people with the aim of providing a long-term career.

We offer a challenging environment, promoting innovative thinking, teamwork and continuous learning.
We offer as well opportunities of relations with University research groups. 

We choose people who are passionate about what they do, and are committed to the teamwork with their colleagues and with ALTA Lab's customers.
We make sure our people have the tools, the training, the development and the support they need to do the job they are asked for.

Job Opportunities

ALTA Lab provides opportunities for graduates with talent and passion for:

  • Engineering:
    - Electronic Eng.
    - Mechanical Eng.
    - Software Eng.
  • Project Leadership
  • Lean Manufacturing Process Design
  • Business Process Analysis and Optimization
   If you are interested, send your CV to info@altalab.it
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Showing 0 items